We Know What You’re Thinking: So How Can an OEM Manufacturer Possibly Help My Business Especially In These Tough Economic Times? As a leading custom product manufacturer for nearly 40 years, we have been helping clients design, engineer, test, and make 100% custom manufactured products to suit their specific needs. While some clients are looking for us to help them create a 100% custom products that their competition can’t sell, others are looking for “solutions” to help them maintain or expand operations. So whether you need us to design and create the “World’s Greatest Ice Cream Scoop” or a special fuel filter to enhance an existing product—we are your “One-Stop-Shop” custom product manufacturer who will transform your idea or “problem” into a revenue generating “solution”! Products
Designed and
Manufactured For Sale
to Your Customers or
Use in Your Own
original equipment manufacturer | Custom Product Manufacturing Transform Your Problems or Ideas Into Revenue Generating Solutions: Have a problem delivering your products or services to customers? Want a completely new custom product to sell that your competition can’t? Our team will design, test, engineer, and create custom manufactured solutions exclusively for your business at a fraction of the traditional development cost! Custom Manufacturer | Original Equipment Manufacturer No Up Front Fees We incur all design, engineering, and manufacturing set up costs for any new product we develop for your company. We are only paid when you are actually ready for us to begin manufacturing your 100% custom product! Stuck For Ideas
—We Can Help!
Are you looking to improve efficiency or expand your product offerings but don’t know where to begin? Our dedicated team has almost 40 years of experience helping businesses develop new products and systems that ultimately increase profits— and we do the same for your business!
Why Would Your Business Ever Need an OEM Manufacturer? Industrial Product Design & Development |  Custom Product ManufacturerBuildit has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for nearly 40 years for one simple reason: Because we love solving unique problems and developing a custom solution that meets the needs of our clients. So what kind of problems can we help your business solve? • Branding: Tired of just selling products that any competitor can order from a catalog and then undercut your prices and profits? Buildit will help your business develop, test, and manufacture 100% custom products that you can completely brand all as your own. • Budget Constraints: Need to develop a new product or custom manufactured solution but short on design, engineering or manufacturing resources? At Buildit, your business doesn’t pay until your 100% custom manufactured solution rolls off our factory floor saving you on all associated design, engineering, and testing costs. • Eliminate Bottlenecks and Improve Efficiency: Are the stock products you order from catalogs creating headaches and bottlenecks in your operations? Not a problem! Some of our biggest clients hire us to help them more efficiently (and profitably!) deliver services or products to their customers via a custom manufactured solution—and we can do the same for you! What Do You Risk By Telling Us About Your Idea or Problem? Absolutely Nothing. Maintaining 100% client confidentiality— from idea to finished product—is one of the biggest reasons why we have been in business for nearly 40 years while so many other OEM manufacturers have come and gone. Once we design and create a custom manufactured product for your business—its YOUR product. No other business can call us up or order that product out of a catalog— because its your product that was designed and created specifically for your business and your business alone.

Although we do reveal, with permission, pictures for a few of the products we have designed and created for other clients:
• We NEVER Reveal Client Names

• No Other Business Can Order Your
Custom Product— Because It’s Yours!
We Transform Your Industrial Product Design Idea or Problem Into a Custom Manufactured Solution in Just 4 Steps custom manufacturing | product manufacturing | oem manufacturer Step 1 Strategy Session: This is where you tells us about your business and your particular idea or problem. During the session, we will conduct an initial feasibility assessment to determine how we can best help transform your idea or problem into a profitable solution. Step 2 Engineering Your Custom Manufacturing Solution: This is where our 38 years of experience and team of designers and engineers work their magic by solving your problem with a 100% custom manufactured prototype ready for testing. Step 3 Testing/Finishing: First, our product design and development initially tests the new product internally to ensure it exceeds your quality standards. Next, prototypes are delivered to you for internal and field tests prior to roll-out. Once approved, we set-up our product manufacturing facility to produce your new product in quantity while ensuring maximum quality every step of the way. Any necessary modifications are made during this process to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality. Step 4 Roll-Out Your New Custom Product: Once testing is complete and the prototype approved, we move on to full-scale manufacturing and any agency or association approvals that may be required. We then send finished and fully packaged product straight to your warehouse or distributors. Need inventory management—not a problem! You Could Not Buy These Products From Us Even If You Wanted To… Each and every product or custom manufactured solution we design and create for a client is for their use, and their use only.

At any time of year, the client can call us up and ask us to manufacture their custom products in whatever quantity they need and our factory and fulfillment teams will swing into action to fulfill that order. However, this is the only client we will make these products for, because the moment we design and create a custom product for a client—it becomes their product.
product manufacturing | product design & development | product manufacturer Unlike other OEM manufacturers that have catalogs of products for anyone to order from—including the competition—our clients get 100% custom manufactured products designed and built exclusively for their company and their company alone. This gives our clients a distinct competitive advantage because it allows them to design, test, and manufacture 100% custom products that they can brand and sell exclusively.

Once your 100% custom manufactured product is fully tested, our State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities will design and fully test the manufacturing processes necessary to make your products in quantity and to the highest standards of quality—whenever you want and in whatever quantities you need.

And the best part is: We’ll only manufacture this product for you—because its your product.
What About the Information Revealed During the Strategy Session? After nearly forty years as an OEM custom design and manufacturer, we certainly understand the true value of a great idea. The information we learn in the Strategy Session will ONLY be used to help us understand your business so we can design and create a custom manufactured solution.

But rest assured—from idea to factory floor—your company’s information is 100% confidential and will NEVER be shared with a third party for any reason.
Sign Up For Your Strategy Session Today! We May Not Be Able to Help, But We Guarantee Not to Waste Your Time The purpose of the free Strategy Session (via phone) is very simple: To listen to your idea or problem and tell you if we can help or not. If so, we will begin formulating some possible solutions and collecting the additional information we need to take to our engineers and design team. If not, we will gladly use our 38 years of experience to supply you with a few suggestions to help and identify any potential land mines you may run into trying to implement your idea. So can we help your business gain a competitive advantage over the competition by designing and engineering a profitable custom manufactured solution? all or Sign-Up for a Strategy Session
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